1389 Zachary Taylor Hwy. Mineral, VA 23117

Our Story

A Call to Serve: January 1, 1978

Glenora started as a mission church on January 1, 1978. Don Purnell (left) and his wife Betty Purnell (right) were called to start a church. The name "Glenora" was chosen due to the location where the first services were held.  These early meetings took place in a small two room building, and included just 13 members.

Ground-Breaking Service: March 15, 1981

Needless to say, the building soon became too small for the congregation, and after much prayer, land was purchased for the construction of new facilities. The ground-breaking service for the new building was held on March 15, 1981.

The Doors are Open!

Services in the new building began in April, 1982.  Many years of prayers, hard work, door-knocking, soul-winning, and faithful obedience to the Lord have brought us to where we are today.


Today, we have many precious memories, and have seen many souls saved. 


We thank God for every blessing He has sent our way.  We are thankful for God’s calling of our current pastor, Eric Rorrer, and his wife Samantha.  We pray for continued growth and guidance, and we praise God for blessing us with this dedicated place where we can continue “…the assembling of ourselves together…” (Heb. 10:25).